People who help us - Police

The Reception children have had a visit from two local PCSO's. The children loved finding out about what they get up to and how they keep us safe. The children also really enjoyed going inside the police van, dressing up in uniform and getting their fingerprints taken!

People who help us - Firefighters

This half term, the Reception children are learning all about people who help us. We were lucky enough to have an exciting visit from the firefighters that work at Moortown Fire Station. They spoke to the children about how they help people, how they keep themselves safe, and then gave us a tour of the fire engine. We even got to spray the hose and hear the siren - it was noisy but very exciting!

Christmas Dinner Day

This is what Christmas Dinner Day looks like and our kitchen team cooked up a fabulous feast for our pupils to enjoy.

Walking Nativity

We had a lovely festive week in school. Our Walking Nativity was a HUGE success and was enjoyed by so many parents and carers.

Animals UK

Year 1 were joined by Animals UK. The children met so many different animals and amazed us with their bravery. Even the teachers made sure they got to hold them! What a fantastic experience. A huge thank you to Animals UK!

Robinwood 2023 (part 2)

Year 6 are still growing webbed feet in this very wet weather but loving their time at Robinwood. Super rafting skills (and some super falling in skills...), big swing and canoeing on the lake.

Robinwood 2023

Year 6 are enjoying their Robinwood adventure. Zip wire, climbing wall, crate challenge and nightline to name a few of the amazing challenges they are rising to!

Year 6 Legacy Orchard

To celebrate Year 6, we have started a new tradition this year with our ‘Legacy Orchard’. This week, we had a special ceremony where Year 6 have planted a fruit tree in the school grounds, which will in the coming years become our ‘Legacy Orchard’.

Year Two at Tropical World

Year Two enjoyed their trip to Tropical World. They explored Tropical World and had an outside workshop in the woodland area.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 6 had a fantastic day out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park!