Bobby Bear

KS1 had a visit from our local PCSOs who introduced us to our new school Bobby Bear.

Sponsored walk

The whole school took part in a sponsored walk for @simonotstreets. The children walked from school, along the old railway line, through Nunroyd park and back to school. As a school we raised a huge £905.10 which will go towards helping the charity greatly. 

The Great Fire of London

Year Two had a very exciting visitor. We are having a great time learning all about The Great Fire of London 🔥

A visit from White Cross Vets

Year 1 had a lovely visit yesterday from White Cross Vets and Alfie the dog 🐶 We learnt all about how to take care of animals and all of the interesting equipment that vets use, like X-rays and stethoscopes.

Children in Need Day

Thank you to everyone who supported the school with this years Children in Need event and donated buns for our sale. So far, we have raised a huge £651.00 towards this great cause!

An amazing day with Animals UK

What an amazing day Year 1 had! A truly wonderful experience, the children were fascinated!

Thank you Animals UK for bringing your fantastic animals along to visit us🦎🐍🦊🕷️

Fun times with Leeds Libraries

We were very lucky to have a visit from Leeds Libraries. Here is the story bus that came to share the joy of reading with our Reception children. The children had a fantastic afternoon singing songs, playing musical instruments and listening to stories.

Year 6 at Robinwood

Our Year 6 have had an incredible few days on their residential at Robinwood. They mastered the archery, giant swing, knight’s quest and climbing, as well as surviving the piranha pool!! The whole group demonstrated fantastic teamwork skills and ended their trip with some fun time on the lake. They had a really great time and we are very proud of them all.

Mobile phones

It is my highest priority to ensure the safety of all the children and staff involved at St Oswald’s School. Our policy with regards to children and mobile phones seeks to minimise the number of such devices in the school. There are various reasons for this, including distraction from learning, but the key reason is a safeguarding one. Most mobiles available now have cameras and internet connectivity. This leaves open the possibility that images could be taken without a child’s consent and then uploaded to the internet. For this reason it is essential that the following policy is adhered to:

No child is allowed to have a mobile phone in their possession during the school day.

  • A child must only bring a mobile into school if they have written permission to walk home from school and might so need it to ensure their safety
  • In this instance the child must hand the phone in to the class teacher at the start of the day and collect it at the end of the day.

  • No child is allowed to take any image or video with a mobile phone at any time whilst on school property.

  • Any photo or video of a St Oswald’s pupil or staff member, wherever it was taken, uploaded onto any internet site without their permission will be dealt with as a very serious disciplinary matter.

I would emphasise that I am not mentioning this now because it is perceived to be a significant problem at school. I feel this proactive clarification of our position will help us prevent the issues that do occur in other educational establishments.  

On a broader note, though we do regularly cover the area of internet safety and sensible behaviour online, it is always useful when parents also promote these ideas with their children. It is very advisable for parents to be aware of and to monitor the online activity of their children to ensure that they are as safe as possible in their engagement with the virtual world.



As we begin our Thrive journey at St. Oswald's, an important part of embedding Thrive is having a space where every child can go to focus on their wellbeing if they need it.

Upon our return to school after half term, each class will be going into our fantastic Thrive Room. The Thrive Room is used regularly by many children across school, either on a 1-1 basis or in small groups, however Thrive is for everyone and these class visits to Thrive will further advertise its purpose to all children. The Thrive Room includes a music area, soft sofa area, sensory zone, creative space and is a place where many children love to be. Miss Longworth and Mrs Batty have both completed their Thrive Practitioner training and are already making fantastic use of the room. The rest of the staff in school have also completed Thrive training and we feel that it is important for all classes along with their teacher to use the space, and for all children to know that they can use if they need it. 

Whilst in the Thrive Room children will complete an activity that focuses on wellbeing. This may be an art project, creative writing, yoga, storytelling, guided meditation or suchlike. We are excited for the children to enjoy this time with their teachers and peers in this fantastic space. If you would like to find out more about Thrive, visit the website