Our Values

Inspire and Flourish

At St Oswald’s School we are ‘one body, many parts’ (1 Cor 12). We take pride in each other, learn with awe and wonder, dare to dream and help each other flourish. Together we are a body of unique individuals who come together to trust, inspire, smile and serve one another and our community.

Illustration Excellence


We strive to be the best we can be. We can talk about our strengths and things we need to improve upon. We can reflect upon how our work is improving every week.


We put effort into the whatever we do, persevering through challenges and difficulties.
We can talk about what we achieved through perseverance.
We can reflect upon times when found success through perseverance and when we needed more.

Illustration Kindness


We show kindness to one another through our words and actions.
We can talk about how to be kind, and what a difference kindness shown to us had made.
We can reflect upon how kind our choices have been.


We are brave enough to try new things, and understand that we are finding out about ourselves.
We can talk about our courage, the courage of others and where we lacked courage.
We can reflect upon where our courage took us.

Illustration Wonder


We find out something new every day through reading or asking questions.
We can talk about the things we want to know more about.
We can reflect upon what our wonder led us to.