Lotherton Hall

Year 2 have been learning all about different habitats in science. On Wednesday, we went to Lotherton Hall to explore the Wildlife World, take part in a habitats workshop and hunt for minibeasts. We had a fantastic time watching the penguins swimming, seeing the flamingos balance while sleeping and getting up close to a white peacock!

Reading Buddies

Year two and five enjoyed their reading buddies session. Year two shared their poems they had written and year five read books related to the year two's learning topics

Author Jenny York's visit

We all really enjoyed our visit from author Jenny York yesterday. We were introduced to the characters in her stories, were able to act out parts of her books, had lots of laughs and were inspired to write our own stories!

People Who Help Us

Reception had a fantastic day yesterday for our People Who Help Us dress up day! The children enjoyed a carousel of activities based around different occupations. In the afternoon, the children got to eat the delicious sandwiches that they had made in the morning at our Reception picnic 😋

Explorer Day

Today Year 1 had an Explorer Day. We spent all morning in Forest School. We did scavenger hunts, made maps and cooked smores on the fire. This afternoon we had more fun activities including a quest to solve the riddles to spell the secret word.

The first chick has hatched!

The children in preschool were very excited to see 10 chicken eggs in their classroom. The children have been learning about the hatching process and how to care for the chicks once they arrive...
Yesterday, the first chick hatched! After several hours of pipping, Betty emerged from the egg rather exhausted but looking forward to meeting her brothers and sisters.

British Science Week

We have been celebrating British Science Week! EYFS and KS1 have been exploring bubbles, animals, plants, sound and shadows just to name a few! KS2 have taken part in Leeds Smeaton300 project and have completed a series of tasks linked to creating a new public space in Leeds inspired by John Smeaton. We are very proud that all of the children have earnt a CREST award for their learning this week!

Year 2 Printing

Year 2 are learning all about different printing in art. We were printing with everyday materials and making our own stencils.

People who help us - Police

The Reception children have had a visit from two local PCSO's. The children loved finding out about what they get up to and how they keep us safe. The children also really enjoyed going inside the police van, dressing up in uniform and getting their fingerprints taken!

People who help us - Firefighters

This half term, the Reception children are learning all about people who help us. We were lucky enough to have an exciting visit from the firefighters that work at Moortown Fire Station. They spoke to the children about how they help people, how they keep themselves safe, and then gave us a tour of the fire engine. We even got to spray the hose and hear the siren - it was noisy but very exciting!