Eco Warriors simple biscuits

Our Eco Warriors enjoyed a fun session baking simple biscuits. This allowed them to see how cheap, easy and fun they were to make.  The children worked in small groups to each produce a batch of tasty biscuits.

Road Safety

Today, St Oswald's was visited by the local PCSO, Megan Woods, and the local councilor, Eleanor Thompson. They kindly led an assembly to discuss road safety and how to safe on ours roads.
As many of you know, Jill, the lollipop lady who helped our children come to and leave school safely is no longer available. Therefore, it is even more important that our children learn about road safety and how to be safe crossing the road outside school.

Andy Goldsworthy Inspired Sculptures

Year 2 enjoyed making Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculptures out of natural materials.

Robinwood 2023 (part 2)

Year 6 are still growing webbed feet in this very wet weather but loving their time at Robinwood. Super rafting skills (and some super falling in skills...), big swing and canoeing on the lake.

Robinwood 2023

Year 6 are enjoying their Robinwood adventure. Zip wire, climbing wall, crate challenge and nightline to name a few of the amazing challenges they are rising to!

A Treat from Burley Banksy

"For the Guiseley kids at St Oswald's" Thanks @pantsdanny for our personalised artwork.  We love it!

Year 6 Legacy Orchard

To celebrate Year 6, we have started a new tradition this year with our ‘Legacy Orchard’. This week, we had a special ceremony where Year 6 have planted a fruit tree in the school grounds, which will in the coming years become our ‘Legacy Orchard’.

Year Two at Tropical World

Year Two enjoyed their trip to Tropical World. They explored Tropical World and had an outside workshop in the woodland area.

2023 Arts Festival

What an incredible day we’ve had holding our first ‘Arts Festival’. Children got involved in different workshops like painting with local artists & Burley Banksy, drama, African dancing and music. We had a lovely visit from the Lord Mayor of Leeds & Councillor Eleanor Thompson. Thank you, @pantsdanny Also a huge thank you to Simone at Manning Stainton, Andy at Seagulls paints, our school Parents group & the school council for gifting us resources & organising fundraising events to make the day possible!

Year 3's Campfire Doughnuts

At forest school Year 3 enjoyed campfire doughnuts. Safe to say they went down a treat!