The first chick has hatched!

The children in preschool were very excited to see 10 chicken eggs in their classroom. The children have been learning about the hatching process and how to care for the chicks once they arrive...
Yesterday, the first chick hatched! After several hours of pipping, Betty emerged from the egg rather exhausted but looking forward to meeting her brothers and sisters.

British Science Week

We have been celebrating British Science Week! EYFS and KS1 have been exploring bubbles, animals, plants, sound and shadows just to name a few! KS2 have taken part in Leeds Smeaton300 project and have completed a series of tasks linked to creating a new public space in Leeds inspired by John Smeaton. We are very proud that all of the children have earnt a CREST award for their learning this week!

The Birdman

We've had a very exciting visit from the Birdman - Alan Ames. It was amazing to see the birds flying around in the school hall.