Celebration Assembly

Over the past year, we have been very pleased with how our new Celebration Assembly has worked. It is a really lovely part of the week where we come together as a school to recognise each other’s achievements. We made the decision as a staff team at the beginning of the year to not individually invite parents to Celebration Assembly. We have discussed and debated this many times as a team. It is something that we have had a lot of feedback from parents and carers about. Many of you, over the past year, have voiced your disappointment that you no longer receive a personal invitation to the Friday morning assembly if your child is due to be awarded ‘Star of the Week’. After continued consideration, we have decided that from next week we will begin notifying you when your child is due to receive the award. We will notify you on a Thursday afternoon via text message.
We still extend our invitation to all families each Friday morning to attend Celebration Assembly, and it is certainly more special to all of us when we have many families there. We still believe in the reasons why we chose to do things differently with the assembly this year. However, we also want to listen to the voice of our parents and over the course of the year so many of you have come to speak with us about how you preferred the previous system of school letting you know in advance.
We ask that when we do inform you about the award on a Thursday afternoon that you keep the news from your child. We think the way we announce it for the children is one of the reasons it is a special moment of the week and would like to keep the element of surprise; thank you for your support with this.
Obviously, there will still be many of you who can never attend the assembly due to work commitments, but it is our hope and understanding that more of you would be able to make Celebration Assembly when you know in advance that your child is the recipient of an award.