Pupdate: Peppa Visits Preschool

Today Pepper visited Preschool for the first time. The children loved meeting her and those who wanted to, enjoyed stroking her gently. The children asked Liz some great questions about Pepper and enjoyed listening to the answers, such as 'Where does she sleep?', 'How old is Pepper?' and 'Does she like being stroked?'. One of the children then read Pepper a story! We can't wait for Pepper and Liz to visit again!

Pupdate from Peppa, Our School Therapy Dog

Year 2 had a lovely time meeting Peppa this morning! She enjoyed listening to stories, doing tricks and getting lots of pats!



As we begin our Thrive journey at St. Oswald's, an important part of embedding Thrive is having a space where every child can go to focus on their wellbeing if they need it.

Upon our return to school after half term, each class will be going into our fantastic Thrive Room. The Thrive Room is used regularly by many children across school, either on a 1-1 basis or in small groups, however Thrive is for everyone and these class visits to Thrive will further advertise its purpose to all children. The Thrive Room includes a music area, soft sofa area, sensory zone, creative space and is a place where many children love to be. Miss Longworth and Mrs Batty have both completed their Thrive Practitioner training and are already making fantastic use of the room. The rest of the staff in school have also completed Thrive training and we feel that it is important for all classes along with their teacher to use the space, and for all children to know that they can use if they need it. 

Whilst in the Thrive Room children will complete an activity that focuses on wellbeing. This may be an art project, creative writing, yoga, storytelling, guided meditation or suchlike. We are excited for the children to enjoy this time with their teachers and peers in this fantastic space. If you would like to find out more about Thrive, visit the website https://www.thriveapproach.com