The Great Fire of London

Year two had a visit yesterday from Sir William Petty. We had a great time listening to his stories of the Great Fire of London and getting involved in activities to learn more about September 1666.

Ancient Greek Vases

Year 6 have created fantastic Ancient Greek style vases. So much hard work has gone into moulding, shaping and painting - we are so impressed with their final pieces!

Jorvik and Dig trip for Year 5

Year 5 had a fantastic day in York. We visited Jorvik and Dig where the children had a 'Battle Tactics' workshop and had the chance to be archaeologists!

Maya Day

Year 6 had a fantastic Maya Day! We were visited by the Maya warrior ‘Big Nose’ who taught us all about the ancient Maya civilisation.

Year 4 trip to the Bagshaw Museum

Year 4 had a great day out at the Bagshaw Museum learning all about Ancient Egypt! They had the chance to exploring an ancient Egyptian tomb and marvel at the very rare complete cartonnage mask, the face of an Egyptian woman presented to the gods in the afterlife. They learnt about the process to preserve the body after death and admire the jewellery, cosmetics and mirrors, as well as learning what ancient Egyptians ate, the textiles they wove, and how they recorded their lives.